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SUPRO® XT 221D Isolated Soy Protein

SUPRO® XT 221D Isolated Soy Protein is a plant-based, high-quality protein that disperses completely in water in only nine seconds – twice as fast as the next most dispersible protein in the DuPont portfolio.
SUPRO® XT 221D isolated soy protein provides excellent functionality and is ideally suited for use in dry blended beverage applications. In sensory studies with consumers, DuPont Nutrition & Health compared a 20 gram protein supplement formulation with SUPRO® XT 221D with similar formulas made with other isolated soy proteins.

Consumers rated the SUPRO®XT 221D formula significantly higher in flavor, dispersibility, mouthfeel and overall liking. The study also confirmed significantly higher purchase intent scores for the SUPRO® XT 221D formula.

SUPRO® XT 221D Isolated Soy Protein also demonstrates excellent flow characteristics, which has the potential to improve plant efficiencies by improving can-fill speed and accuracy. The flow characteristics of SUPRO® XT 221D provides a 50 percent improvement overall compared to DuPont’s previous best flowing technology. 

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