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SUPRO® XT 55 Isolated Soy Protein

SUPRO® XT 55 Isolated Soy Protein is specifically designed to improve the profitability of RTD high-protein beverages, by helping beverage manufacturers more effectively manage protein costs. Now it is possible to replace up to 50% of the dairy protein in beverage formulations, without compromising sensory performance or protein nutrition.

This breakthrough protein provides the perfect balance of viscosity and protein stability. In high-protein beverages, SUPRO® XT 55 performs in the ideal consumer preference range for beverage thickness and delivers a smooth mouthfeel. And beverages made with SUPRO® XT 55 exhibit greater stability over time than previous soy protein technologies.

Like all DuPont™ SUPRO® Proteins, SUPRO® XT 55 is a high-quality source of plant-based protein, with all the associated nutrition, health and sustainability benefits of soy protein. It is supported by years of clinical research, demonstrating its value for heart health, muscle building and maintenance, weight management and healthy growth and development.

DuPont Nutrition & Health offers beverage manufacturers deep expertise and experience in optimizing protein systems for beverage formulations.

Contact us for more details on SUPRO® XT 55 or for help on creating your next beverage success.

Download SUPRO® XT 55 Isolated Soy Protein Brochure