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We all know that lifestyle choices affect our health. At DuPont Nutrition & Health, we help our partners in the food and beverage industry meet the growing demand for products with a low or zero sugar content – without compromising on taste.

Keep your life sweet and healthy

A diet that’s high in sucrose – conventional sugar – can lead to tooth decay, obesity and, in extreme cases, diabetes. While eating and drinking fewer sugary things is probably a good idea, it’s not the only measure you can take.

Sweeteners provide a tasty alternative to sucrose, so you can still enjoy your favorite food and drink without putting your health at risk.

How our sweeteners can help you

We use natural raw materials in our sweeteners, including wood, milk sugars and even sucrose itself. The application opportunities are endless.

To help the industry meet the latest consumer demands, we work constantly to improve and expand our range of sweeteners.

Find out more

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