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Fructofin® Fructose

Fructose, also known as fruit sugar, is the sweetest sugar in nature and is a natural constituent of many fruits and vegetables.

Fructose is used worldwide in many applications for its health, nutritional and functional characteristics. It has a low glycemic response and is suitable for diabetics.

Our Fructofin® is a crystalline fructose with a purity of over 99%.

Key benefits

  • Flavor enhancement
  • Endotoxin free
Product Benefit Application
Fructofin® C Flavor enhancement
Promotion of Maillard browning reaction
Fructofin® CFP Endotoxin free Suitable for specialized applications
Fructofin® CM Fine particle size All, particularly suitable for bakery creams etc.

More on Fructofin®

Because Fructofin® is metabolized less well than many sugars, it passes more quickly in solution from the stomach to the intestine, is more satiating and has less effect on blood glucose and insulin levels.

This may make it beneficial to those managing their weight, the clinically obese and non-insulin-dependent diabetics (NIDD). Studies indicate that lowering blood glucose levels may be beneficial to weight management.

Fructofin® can also be up to 80% sweeter than sucrose, reducing calorie intake without the loss of sweetness. This makes it a popular ingredient in foods & beverages aimed at the health-conscious.

Fructofin® C
Fructose (Laevulose) Crystalline, Food Grade complies to the following current monographs: FCC , USP/NF.

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