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OsmoAid™ Lactitol

Lactitol has also been used to promote gut mobility in constipated individuals. Alternative constipation treatment often is unpalatable. Yet our OsmoAid™ Lactitol offers an effective and more pleasant solution. OsmoAid™ works gently by:

  • Lowering colonic pH and stimulating peristalsis (the rippling and wave-lie motion that contracts and relaxes the bowel muscles)
  • Increasing the osmotic pressure in the intestinal lumen, resulting in an increase in fecal volume.

Depending on age and individual needs, OsmoAid™ is best taken orally in doses between 150mg-40g/day. It is well tolerated and can be ingested by all age groups without any health concerns.

Available in a sweet-tasting, odorless crystalline powder, OsmoAid™ is widely recognized as a food ingredient for use in food products and dietary supplements, and has been approved by both the FAO and WHO.

Key Benefits

  • Well tolerated
  • Less harsh laxative effect
  • Suitable for all ages

Application areas

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