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Research & Clinical Studies

Unlike conventional laxatives, which can be harsh, OsmoAid™ works gently by:

  • Lowering colonic pH and stimulating peristalsis (the rippling and wave-lie motion that contract and relax the bowel muscles)
  • Increasing the osmotic pressure in the intestinal lumen, resulting in an increase in fecal volume.14

Numerous studies conducted on constipated adults have demonstrated that OsmoAid™ is highly effective as it significantly increases stool frequency6, is well tolerated with no unnecessary adverse effects and is considered a pleasant treatment.16,3

Similarly, studies conducted on constipated children between 8 months to 16 years of age confirmed OsmoAid™ as a relieving agent with a proven therapeutic efficacy and better tolerability. In particular, it was observed that these children do not encounter abdominal pain and increased flatus.1,11

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