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Sustainable and substantiated

Danisco’s sustainable xylitol solution is attractive to manufacturers and consumers alike. Our unique production process involves considerably lower energy (85% lower) and materials consumption than conventional processes.

Integrated with the inherently sustainable use of paper and pulp side stream feedstock - itself derived from sustainable forestry - this contributes to a 90% reduction in carbon footprint.

An independent life cycle assessment (LCA) by EarthShift LLC compared the total environmental impact of the two different xylitol manufacturing processes: Danisco's Wood Based integration concept versus industry standard Biomass Hydrolysis.

The study concluded that XIVIA® production has a carbon footprint of just 10% of the biomass process. XIVIA® production’s impact on land, water and ozone layer is negligible.

Across all measured biomarkers, the Danisco process was 86-99% lower than xylitol manufactured from corncobs using biomass hydrolysis.
In summary, XIVIA® is the most carbon-friendly xylitol on the market. This fundamental competitive advantage provides our customers with a documented differential to add value to their products.

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