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GRINDSTED® Fiberline

The health benefits of a high-fiber diet are well documented. But when it comes to fiber-rich, wholemeal bread, many adults as well as children still prefer the soft texture and mild taste of white wheat bread. That’s why we developed GRINDSTED® Fiberline.

Our bakery ingredient system is a unique opportunity to produce high-fiber bread with the softness and flavor consumers prefer on a standard bakery line.

Concepts for your inspiration

To demonstrate the benefits, we’ve come up with some inspirational concepts. "Bread for your heart",  "Wholesome oat bread full of taste and fiber" and "White rye Soft, mild rye bread for better digestive health".

Each concept use different GRINDSTED® Fiberline products - the table below gives the overview.

Product Benefit Application
GRINDSTED® Fiberline 101 100% rye bread with the soft, light texture and mild flavor of white wheat bread. White rye bread solution
GRINDSTED® Fiberline 103 Double the oat content in bread recipes and obtain the high volume and moist texture at the same time Oat bread solution
GRINDSTED® Fiberline 105 Combines softness with improved resilience Wholemeal bread solution

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