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ActivK™ Vitamin K2

Our portfolio for Food & Beverages is composed of 2 ActivK™  products families. ActivK™ N,  our soy-based fermented and purified Vitamin K2 using bacteria occurring naturally in natto, a traditional Japanese food product, and ActivK™ S , our pure Vitamin K2 made by organic synthesis.

Today vitamin K2 – specifically menaquinone-7 (MK-7) – is increasingly recognized for its role in promoting bone health, by optimizing the body’s utilization of calcium. We have made MK-7 commercially available in ActivK™ S and N, creating new opportunities for you to deliver premium health benefits in food applications.

Key benefits

  • Bone health
  • High stability
  • Easily incorporated

More on ActivK™

In either form, ActivK™  is one of the most bioavailable and bioactive K vitamins. It is almost completely absorbed by the body, and is proven to reduce vascular calcification risks and aid calcium binding to the bone matrix.

ActivK™ is safe, effective and stable in a wide range of food applications.

Product Benefit Application

ActivK™ N powder or oil format
ActivK™ S powder format


One of the most bioavailable and bioactive K vitamins
Inhibition of vascular calcification
Binding of calcium to the bone matrix 
Baked goods
Dairy products
Oils and fats

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