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Our planet is under pressure and this will increase as the population heads to nearly 10 billion people by 2050. Worldwide, as we become wealthier, eating patterns are shifting to include more animal protein and, at the same time, more food is wasted by households.

Inclusive innovative solutions that can deliver today without compromising our children’s future are needed.  We already provide vegetable-based proteins to replace less sustainable meat and animal protein options. DuPont Nutrition & Health also offers microbial cultures, enzymes and other solutions that enable food to stay fresh for longer while reducing food waste, as well as products such as probiotics and fibers that support health and wellness. With a leading portfolio of solutions in the industry, a strong focus on sustainable sourcing, and unique capabilities within life cycle assessment, we are ready to partner with our stakeholders, and leverage sustainability in our customers’ value chain and beyond.

Sustainable Sourcing

Sourcing of raw materials represents more than 50% of our total carbon footprint from cradle-to-customer. Sustainable sourcing is therefore a key priority. DuPont Nutrition & Health is building transparent, responsible supply chains for all our sourced materials. All suppliers sign our Supplier Code of Conduct.


Sustainable Operations

The manufacturing stage of our value chain represents about a third our total carbon footprint from cradle-to-customer. Still, it is here we exert the greatest degree of control. We focus on our environmental footprint related to greenhouse gas emissions, water and waste, social and ethical standards in our manufacturing sites and relevant packaging and transport projects.


Sustainable Solutions

The third pillar of our strategy is sustainable solutions which focuses on our products impacts on environmental-, social- and economic sustainability across the life cycle. We have completed nine 3rd party reviewed ISO 14044 compliant life cycle assessments covering a total of 22 different product types.

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